Symptom, System & Sensation in Children - Johannesburg, South Africa

Childhood & Homeopathy

8. & 9. February 2014 Johannesburg, South Africa

As a result of constant research and development,homeopathy has transformed into a more structured and coherent method. Today we are able to understand the Materia Medica (System) on a much deeper
level (Natural relationships, Kingdoms, Families, Miasms).

With the “Levels of Experience” in the Sensation Method founded by Rajan Sankaran, case-taking also follows a more logical concept.
This seminar will focus on the application of the Sensation Method in children. Case examples will demonstrate the beauty of integrating this method into daily practice, without neglecting traditional approaches
(Symptoms & Repertory).

For more details and bookings, please contact Beatrix van der Westhuyzen
sms:+27 82 446 1238

50 Second Avenue
Houghton 2198

A brochure can be downloaded here.

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