Dynamics in the consulting room - Johannesbrug, South Africa

a homeopathic weekend seminar with Jürgen Weiland
Johannesburg South Africa 14 & 15 Feb 2015

Museum Africa

Extracting the dynamic changes in every individual case is one of the key points in successful homeopathic prescribing.
  • What do we need to address?
  • Is it helpful to rely on the constitution?

How to discover the „undoubtedly morbid“ in our patients?

Today we are able to understand the Materia Medica on a much deeper level. We know more about Natural Relationships, Kingdoms, Families and Miasms. With the concept of the ‘Levels of Experience’ in the Sensation Method, case taking follows a more logical concept to reach the vital sensation.

It is fascinating to witness the results when we are able to follow our patients with unbiased curiosity. We just need to follow the exciting journeys where our patients invite us on. Especially in the homeopathic treatment of children it is fascinating to observe, how helpful it is to be unprejudiced by essences, types and constitutions.

Different case examples of children and adults will demonstrate the beauty of integrating the Sensation Method into daily practice, without neglecting traditional approaches.

Content of the seminar

  • The levels of experience – a helpful tool for orientation and adjustment of the right potency.
  • Understanding and application of the extended concept of Miasms.
  • Differentiation of the natural kingdoms and subkingdoms
  • Development in children compared to the concept of evolution in flora and fauna.
  • Live case (day 2)

Seminar Venue

Emmarentia Botanical Gardens,
Olifants Rd (entrance next to Emmarentia dam)
Emmarentia, Johannesburg

CPD activity approval from AHPCSA:
Awarding 4 CEU’s for each day, Total of 8 CEU’s for 2-day seminar
(CPD Accreditation reference no:PBHNP 1: 2015/Level1.B.4: seminar: 14/15February 2015:
Dynamics in the Consulting Room)

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sms:+27 82 446 1238

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