The Concept of Evolution in Homeopathy

A homeopathic weekend seminar with Jürgen Weiland

Cape Town, South Africa
13 & 14 Aug 2016

Saturday 9 am – 5.30 pm
Sunday 9 am - 4.30 pm

FAMSA Western Cape Centre
9 Bowden Rd - Observatory - Cape Town

Consideration of the concept of evolution can be a very helpful tool in searching for a deeper understanding of our patients. So far, the concept of evolution is best understood in the mineral kingdom. The periodic table, with its structure of rows and columns, clearly reflects – like a blueprint of life - the developmental stages of mankind.

With contemporary concepts, as is evident in the work of Michal Yakir, there is also a deeper understanding of the plant kingdom evolving. Yakir’s work is based on the taxonomic classification of Cronquist. He developed a systematic schema, which defines the evolutionary concepts of plants, the association between families, orders, and higher taxonomic ranks. The classification of the little developed to more complex developed plants goes hand in hand with their sensitivity.
In differentiation to minerals, where we assess the stage of development, the evolution in the plant kingdom is defined by the amount of sensitivity and reactivity. As we also recognize plants by their amount of sensitivity and reactivity in the Sensation Method, Yakir’s concept works as a complementary tool in the understanding of plants.

During selected case samples mainly from the plant and mineral kingdom, we will explore the concept of evolution. It will be highlighted where this concept, as an additional tool to the Sensation Method, is beneficial in order to find a deeper understanding of where the patient got stuck and how the vital force reacts to it.

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